Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

At the request of a few lovely women I am writing (what I want to call) “field notes” about my experiences as I travel over the summer. Considering the fact I tend to drop off the planet over break it’s probably a good way to keep people informed. And lets face it… my life is full of fascinating stuff. LOL

Let’s hope my summer isn’t as eventful as my plane ride to Memphis this morning. I chose not to go to bed last night because, well... I may have slept until 3PM yesterday and I had a group of fabulous women over for dinner and conversation. So I finished packing when they left and read some more of 50 Shades Freed. (OMGCHRISTIANGREY!!)

Now, while I have been on many planes, including a 14-hour flight to Beijing, I have never felt so awful. I curled up in my seat at about 6AM after having a brief conversation with my seat partner and tried to sleep. I felt a little anxious but assumed it was because I was headed to see one of my Best friends. I finally fell asleep… only to wake up as I fainted. (WTF, I know…) Have you ever fainted? The nausea overwhelms you, as your whole body breaks out in a cold sweat and if you do black out, at least for me, when you wake up you don’t know where you are. It is terrifying. It WAS terrifying.

I was trying to maintain consciousness! Talking to myself to keep myself calm and pulling my hair to cause myself pain in hopes that would help me shake it. I know I looked crazy to anyone watching… but no one seemed too concerned. I fought the rest of the flight, of which I have no idea how long it was, trying to remain conscious. In and out. In and out. I was miserable. And… alone. (When I’m sick I tend to become this completely irrational person who assumes they’re going to die in the next 5 minutes utterly alone! I think I get it from my father…lol) The flight attendant realized something was off but didn’t press the issue. Frankly, I was terrified if they saw how bad I felt they would make an emergency landing… and I would be horrified! Horrified I SAY! So I wrestled my demons and finally made it off the plane.

The second flight was… better. Although, not normal by any stretch. It was just a really weird and strange day. Of which I hope I never have to re-live!! (And No, Nicole M. I haven’t gone to the doctor. Although I might consider asking a professional some questions.)

After some Panera (which seems to be mine and Sarah’s second favorite place to eat next to India Palace) and a nap I feel somewhat better. We picked up Mikah from preschool and immediately he handed me some of his artwork. “Matashia, I made this for you. It’s a fake ice cream and a chick!” (aww… Hello, Ovaries… haven’t heard you scream for validation in a few days...ugh)

We came home and Isaiah, her oldest son, cooked us this fabulous dinner with bok choy, ramen, chicken, carrots… and some other stuff. It was fantastic, as I was feeling particularly ravenous. We answered a few of those silly “would you rather …. Or….” questions.  I love how we tried and tried to rationalize our answers to these completely irrational questions. For example (this one had us discussing for a while): would you rather have to pee out your nose or smell through your genitalia? LMAO! Yes, we’re both getting our PhDs.

And we have capped off our night by starting a new South Korean TV show or two.. LOL! (So far they are not City Hunter and I’m just not sure they’re going to live up to my expectations… but… I’ll try…. And frankly with all Sarah and I have in common… our tastes in movies/TV RARELY overlap…LOL! So South Korean TV it is!!)

Here’s to a fantastic summer with no more fainting!!! (Unless of course my very own Christian Grey walks into my life… **swoon**) 

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