Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't Touch!!!

My sister is 16… think about that for a second… soak up allll that that means! Hormones, boy drama, drama in general, etc…  So… one of her guy friends shows up one afternoon while we’re all sitting outside. He’s obnoxious. Immediately he comes and sits on my lap. (I had met him once prior to this moment… and didn’t like the vibe I got off of him… he made me uncomfortable.)  Well… he just plops down on my lap… leans back on me. I giggle and try to gently remove him (because I’m trying not to be rude but at the same time I don’t want him there…).  He gets up and starts talking to my sister and the boys… blah blah blah…  Later that night, when he was leaving, he hugged me (now if you know me you know I LOVE hugs) but I didn’t want to hug him. So my arms were to my side. And he said, “If you don’t hug me I will lick you in the ear.” When I tried to pull away he hugged me tighter… so I hugged him just to get him the fuck off of me.

Skip to the next afternoon… we’re sitting outside (we do this so the boys can RUN and wear themselves out… they have SO much energy!) and he shows up, unannounced, again. This time he walks up.. makes my step mom feel uncomfortable (which he also did the night before), manages to make the neighbor feel uncomfortable and then he sits down next to me. AND HE STARTS RUBBING MY STOMACH!!!!! Like full palm rubbing my stomach! And in a very hateful tone I removed his hand and told him not to touch me. SO THE LITTLE FUCKER STARTED RUBBING MY THIGH!!!! And I grabbed his wrist and said, “ I do NOT like your hands on my body. DON”T TOUCH ME!” He didn’t apologize… didn’t say anything. Just stopped touching me and went on like nothing happened.

I got up and came into the house. Everyone else just lets him get away with it…”Aww… it’s so-and-so… he’s just like that…hehe!” Fuck that shit!!! He might think he’s all cute and cuddly but he’s creepy!!! And he doesn’t know how to listen. When people say words like, STOP, DON’T DO THAT, NO, I DON’T LIKE THAT and physically pull away from you… YOU NEED TO STOP! He doesn’t hear any of that… and then he likes to coerce people into getting what he wants. You don’t hug me.. I will lick your ear. You don’t hug me I will lick your forehead!  And he does this ALL the time to all kinds of women. When will it be “If you don’t fuck me I will rape you!” ß and that is exactly how creepy I find him to be!

Well, we told my dad… and he felt the same way I did! So he swiftly sat him down and had a talk with him the next time he popped in!! Very calm, very level headed… but informed him not to come back!

Then a few days later I saw this article!!! (I have always found this asshat rather foul and disgusting!) But when I read this… I felt even more assaulted and, might I add, pissed all over again. So Tosh thinks it’s hilarious to have people touch fat women’s stomachs in order to cause them shame and embarrassment? Well.. I can say that having my stomach touched didn’t embarrass me it pissed me off and made me feel uncomfortable! (And frankly made me want to break his fingers… but I try to keep the violence down… ) It bothers me to think that this child got the idea from Tosh’s show! From listening to him I feel like this would be his kind of humor… and here I am minding my own business, at my house.. and this little fucker thinks he can touch me like this… potentially because some stupid comedian thinks it’s perfectly fine to try and shame fat women!? How disgusting!!?!

Let’s hope this child gets his shit together. And let’s hope all the vibes I get from him are wrong….

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