Monday, June 11, 2012

An exhausting monday...

It’s been an up-and-down kind of day.

Had lunch with an old friend today. We grew up together and sort of drifted apart in the last four years because our political and religious ideologies are so different. It was so nice to spend time with her and realize that even though that is still true… it still feels so natural to be around her. I’m so glad she reached out to me to set up the meeting. It was lovely to finally meet her son. (He’s adorable!!) We agreed there are some things we have to agree to disagree on but that shouldn’t stop us from talking. I’m glad. She was always such a great friend and I would like to maintain contact with her. I think this was a huge step in that direction! We’re planning on meeting up again before I leave.

I came home from lunch and helped my dad run some errands and then was trapped in the house with three teenagers and my two little brothers. This will make a person crazy! I started dinner at 5… cooked everybody their fish (cause clearly with 6 of us it took three different types of preparation… AH!).  I’m sitting at the table with my brothers while they finish up dinner because I felt totally drained… and Ethan launches a hush puppy at my face and hits me in the eye! (After I told them to quit playing around and eat like 5 times!) Needless to say I didn’t handle that all too well…. Without a thought I launched one at his head. Sadly, he ducked. And it missed. LOL! The parents vacated the downstairs as soon as the post-dinner cigarette was smoked. Grrrr!!! Thankfully, Hannah cleaned the kitchen while I got the boys to settle down on the couch for a little while.

I didn’t do anything, for real, to feel this exhausted.

Today was my Nanny’s birthday. We’re trying to plan a trip down to see her tombstone. (I would like to see the stone in person… to know that I did a good job in picking it out.) Hannah wants to take her flowers. She’s been upset all day. I kind of fail her when it comes to comforting her. I can comfort anyone in the world but my own sister. I think it has to do with the fact that most of the time what she is upset about I am, too. And I don’t know how to navigate my feelings and hers. And as bad as it makes me sound sometimes I question her sincerity. But who am I?

Found out more about my aunt… she will lose her other breast (she lost the first one to cancer when she was in college thirty years ago). It’s apparently at an advanced stage. They (those faceless, nameless, doctors in lab coats) say that there is a 70% chance that will take care of all it. Let’s hope and pray. My dad finally talked to her the other day and he said she sounded really good, happy. I made her a Tree of Life pendant the other night with pink stones and a “Hope” ribbon hanging from the branch. I look forward to giving it to her. I hope she likes it. 

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