Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh my siblings make me giggle...

This has been an interesting day concerning my siblings…. LOL!

Hannah had to have a physical for Dance today… and I stayed at the house with Aaron while everyone else went to the Doctor’s office. Upon their return… I discover that my 15-year-old sister stuck her finger in the Doctor’s fish tank and was bitten… BY A PIRANHA!! **facepalm** It drew blood!!! SMH! I just don’t know about her sometimes.

Aaron lost his fourth tooth today!! He was so excited to go to bed and have the tooth fairy come! Unfortunately… Ethan is terrified of the tooth fairy and didn’t want to go to sleep!! I must admit… I never considered the idea that the tooth fairy could be a scary thing. But I guess some random winged creature coming into your room at night and collecting your lost teeth, from under your pillow, could come across as scary! It was so cute hearing Aaron trying to console him… But Hannah had to go snuggle with him to calm him down.

Also.. I have learned a few things in my short time back in GC… 1. Littering makes me angry, instantly! There is just NO reason for it! And there is no reason to teach children to do these things or to allow children to do them! I had forgotten that I used to fight with my father about this growing up. 2. I think gender-policing children is abusive. And I can’t believe I ever participated in gender policing (of which I am certain I still do to some degree… I am not a saint)… and I can’t believe it still exists in such huge and harmful ways. (A shout out to Sarah for raising three boys without Gendered policing! I hope I’m like her if I ever have children… although… her patience exceeds anyone’s I know. )

Movie notes of the night…: Lockout was shamefully predictable but the main character was.. mildly attractive with an enjoyable wit (if you like it crude). I wouldn’t watch it again… but it wasn’t a complete waste of 88 minutes. 

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