Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eye of the storm...?

So I flew into KY on Saturday afternoon! My dad and siblings were impatiently waiting for me at the airport!! There were big hugs and lots of tears!!! It was lovely!
My brothers seem to want me to do everything in one day… like I’m only going to be here for a weekend! I have watched them ride their bikes, watched them “Just Dance,” but my favorite, we went to the play ground last night! I hadn’t been on a swing in so long! It was fun!

Today, they couldn’t wait any longer for face paint! Aaron wanted a sunset on his chest and Ethan became the Red Power ranger!! I still need to work on the power ranger paint… it was a tad bit questionable… but he loved it! Then some neighborhood kids wanted face paint… I agreed.

We watched a Little Foot movie tonight and an episode of the Old School power rangers that I grew up loving! Wow!!! That show was problematic!!!!! Damn. But I loved it… I hated the pink ranger, though. It’s a shame I still harbor ill feelings toward Amy Jo Johnson (and no… I didn’t have to look-up her name.. I remember it.. yikes!). She can’t help it the writers wrote her as a love interest of Jason David Frank… and she really can’t help that I was an insecure fat girl who was in love with a fictional character!! I guess the insecure part is about all that has changed in my life! (have you read Fifty Shades, yet?... haha like that is the only fictional character I am currently in love with..LMAO! )

On a random note…My dad told my grandmother today that I have a tattoo….. not really sure how this is going to go over. Especially when she sees it’s a rainbow colored goddess! But she is BEAUTIFUL! Getting her filled before I came home was such a great thing. The colors are so bright! I will be wearing lots of sunscreen to keep her beautiful. (and well.. to lower my chances of cancer… seriously… I’m not really emotionally prepared to handle the new round of cancer in the family…. Which sounds so selfish but I love her more than I think I ever admit…. And I am heartbroken that she has to fight this, again. But… a few more days… and I plan on going to see her… and talk about our love of Leonard!! My time and my love….. better than nothing… I hope)
The Goddess of Fertility and Creativity 

Things are going well at the house… except I exist on a totally different schedule than they do. And with reason… but damn! Dinner at 4:30?! And a house without asparagus or brussel sprouts!! I need something green!! Like yesterday!

After everyone went to bed tonight… I stayed up and watched Battleship online! And I expected it to be a good movie… but WHOA! Amazing! The soundtrack and the action… and the actors… it felt like a Michael Bay movie (and you know I looooove me some Michael Bay! … and not just because he’s Leonard Nimoy’s Brother-in-law… that’s just an added bonus)! Such a good movie! Which means… those handful of you reading this… you probably don’t want to watch it. Womp! 

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