Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just a bit!

I have spent the last few weeks watching “Boys Over Flowers”… a South Korean Drama.
Tell me these men aren't beautiful and swoon worthy!!
 I started watching it merely because Lee Min Ho was the main actor (he was also City Hunter **swoon**, he's the one with the fur collar!), but the more I watched it the more totally engrossed I became. I have never been so caught up in a TV show in my life! And frankly, that is saying something. I have found myself this emotionally connected to many book characters… Harry Potter and the Hunger Games characters for example… but never a TV show. And I have been reminded that my ability to get totally lost in make believe is sometimes detrimental to my emotional and psychological well-being. (I know.... it sounds ridiculous and trust me my sister has had no problem laughing until she cried while I have melted down.) I can become anxious, which lasts even after the show has ended, I dream about the characters, and I can literally fall apart sobbing when something happens to them.

I have always had a propensity for getting too involved in books, cartoons (Lion King), movies, tv shows, and well, some commercials can bring me to tears in their 30 second time slot.  I have often felt silly for my emotions, mostly because other people find my reactions over-the-top or are made uncomfortable by them.  I have learned to accept them… and allow other people’s responses to not affect me so much. (I may write more about being "sensitive" and "emotional" on a later post... there is a lot to say there...)

I guess the point of this whole post is to say… You should watch “Boys over Flowers” (streaming free on Netflix!)….LOL! Although the roller coaster that episodes 17-25 put you through may be a bit much for most people… there are SO many twists and turns and **gasp** moments that it might be viewed as excessive. So while you enjoy your Television selections... I know I need a break from South Korean Dramas... Shew! Until then... another picture of Lee Min Ho? 

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